About Us

Company introduction:



Asia fooladrizan industries commercial company.Was founded in Qazvin 1991 with the objective of importing and exporting ferro alloys and metallurgical and mineral materials, this company is one of the greatest units to the association of great casting plant in iran.

And member of the chamber of commerce, industries and mines of iran.

Business presentation of modern methods succeed in providing a unique and valuable to engineering firms, milling industries, miming industries in addition to receiving top internal and international ranking and the company is line of business established companies  located in iran as official representative of the largest domestic and international sales of raw materials has been.





Asia foolarizan industrial and commercial company known as C.C.M asia international trading group in iran.and AFIC outside of iran.

This company uses advanced thechniques of management and professional staff, and having commited to providing innovate services to over 200public and private companies.

In  order   to promote long-term goals and develope a deep perspective has become  consultant and a reliable supplier of metallurgical and mineral industries.

Asia fooladrizan industries commercial company, Creators merchantile exchange as one of iran.iran and turkey trade relations council , council of trade relations between iran and china.

The official representative of the company as will as domestic and foreign companies is considered.

Important activities:



1-   Founding member of iran merchandise exchange.

2-   Members of association of milling industries in iran.

3-   Member of iran and turkey trade relation council.

4-   Member of iran and malaysia trade relation council.

5-   Member of iran and china trade relation council.

6-   Member of iran mines and industries chamber of commerce.

Member of qavin province mines and industries chamber of commerce